“Bringing innovative solutions to Australian agricultural investment”

Agricultural Supply Chain

AIDC specialises in agricultural consulting and advisory in establishing vertically integrated supply chains for offshore corporations accessing the Australian agricultural sector.

Through our broad national relationships and understanding of our clients needs we successfully establish long term supply chains between the Australian producers and international end users. We specialise in customised solutions identifying Australian farm gate partners to work directly with international clients for the procurement of Australian agricultural products. AIDC adopts a rigorous selection process and a strategic approach to provide a winning and long term successful formula for all participants.

We have extensive experience across the beef industry creating direct supply chains for boxed beef into Asian markets together with live cattle exports to the Middle East. Our team is also highly experienced across the dairy sector covering dairy products, live dairy cattle exports into Asia and the delivery of feed supplements to the region.

Australia will see growth across all agricultural sectors with demand primarily led by Asian and Middle Eastern emerging markets. As a developed state, Australian exports will see increased export opportunities through free trade agreements with these markets.

“Australian farmers export around 60% of what they grow and produce export earnings of 32.5 billion annually”

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